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Thanks for taking time to view our website. Maildaburra Poll Hereford Stud is located on South Australia's West Coast.  It is 72km east of Ceduna on the Eyre Highway, or 63km inland from Streaky Bay. We are 22km west of Wirrulla.

The stud was first registered in 1972 by my parents, Leon and Marilyn Mudge. They retired in 2009 after which my brother and I took over the business. In early 2017 we decided to separate the business, which meant I have retained the Stud, having been my interest and passion over the years.  I intend to have 25-30 bulls for sale each year. The Stud has been involved with Breedplan since 1978.

We strive to breed highly muscled bulls, good milking, easy care and well structured cattle to suit all needs.

The property comprises of 3 farms totaling 3,160ha (7,800acres) and also operates as a cropping entity. Wheat, barley, and oats are sown over approximately 3,000 acres.

We have approximately 150 breeding cows and produce around 30-35 bulls for sale each year. Around 35 heifers are saved as replacement breeders every year. Mating is restricted to 9 weeks for heifers and 12 weeks for cows which means calving is confined to about 2 months. They start calving on 10th July, most years on to green feed. We have implemented an AI program in the past couple of years, with about 50 cows AI'd to various outcrossing sires from around the world.

None of our females are fed hay or grain at any time during the year unless in extremely poor seasons. Sale bulls are only fed oats if the feed is scarce and the break to the season is late.  We sell all bulls privately on property, available from 1st October each year.

We strive to breed high muscled, good milking, easy care, well structured cattle to suit all needs.

A feedlot is also run on the property. This has recently been ramped up to provide the Streaky Bay and Port Lincoln butcher all year round. We choose mostly Poll Hereford steers and heifers, either home bred or purchased from our bull clients. They are fattened over 100 days and surplus cattle are sold direct to Woolworths, meeting a high MSA Grade standard. It is not unusual to have weight gains of over 2kg/day.

Please contact us if you have any queries, suggestions on what you might like to see on this website, or if you would just like to comment.

Carolyn Mudge
Seth Mudge
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